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Techniques of Latina Beauty

If you’re Latina, you probably have inherited a number of normal beauty tips from your parents. For instance, numerous Latinas use avocado oil as a tresses helmet, and hydrating face masks are essential for maintaining healthy body. A fine haircut and a serious fitness session are also essential for maintaining healthy tresses. Utilizing herbs like aloe vera to handle skin and scalp problems as well as maximizing the benefits of herbs like shea butter for a potent moisturizer are additional italian beauty techniques.

These pointers are taken from the newest documentary series” La FundaciĆ³n de Belleza.” Adrienne Bailon-houghton, an artist, speaks with founders of Latina beauty brands in the four-episode series about the charm customs they learned from their families. The girls even talk about their own experiences with self-love and how they have defied social norms of elegance.

Julissa Prado, who was raised in Los Angeles, is the subject of the line’ initial event. Prado embraced her frizzy hair because her family had taught her that being biological is stunning. She even established a modeling agency in her early twenties to assist other women with textured hair who do n’t feel like they complement the typical beauty look.

Heredia’s mother also gave her the advice to wearing a bedrock that matches the undercurrent of your skin. Holding a mild object up to the side of your lip and examining the skin’s capillaries will help you easily identify this. You should use products that are fantastic or peach in color if they appear yellowish because they have a comfortable undertone. If they’re more violet, you have a red undercurrent and does pick items with pinky-beige hues.

Heredia’s mother even advised her to moisturize her lips and eyelids lightly to help her maintain her younger radiance. Heredia claims that she now makes an effort to adhere to the similar regimen. She said,” To keep my cheeks nourished, I usually wear shea butter and some sort of tinted lip balm.”

Heredia discusses how her parents created their own organic beauty products to cure allergies and acne in the line’ penultimate show. She exhorts people to become familiar with the elegance customs of their predecessors and apply them to themselves.

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